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How to Boost Website Conversions Using Images

In these days of immense digital marketing efforts, the significance of images is undeniable. Quality imagery brings an aesthetic to your website layout, social media feeds, enhances engagement, and explains complex concepts more quickly.

With a sea of image choices, how do you know which images to choose?

Proper image selection is critical to ensure you achieve positive results; especially improved conversion rates.

Boosting conversions can take your business to the next level. Thankfully, there are techniques you can try with your images that aren't very complex.

Want to learn how to boost website conversions using images? Keep reading.

Use Images That Build Transparency

Today, when consumers have endless options for brands, why do they choose only a few? One big reason is transparency. A transparent work process helps build consumers' trust, increase sales, and retain loyalty.

In the virtual world, images showing your brand culture, products, the inside of your business, or behind the scenes practices is critical to consumer decision.

For example, restaurant owners can add images of their dining room, neat kitchens and hygienic work practices. They can upload pictures of employees washing their hands before entering the premises, wearing gloves, and using disinfectants to prove their credibility.

In the picture below, you can see how an employee at McDonald's is giving food with a mask on her face and gloves on her hands. The visual shows that the popular fast food chain takes measures to ensure a hygienic environment.

McDonalds website imagery, branding, conversion tips

Brands can share their journeys by adding pictures of how they shifted their process from manual to automation. In this case, they can share their old pictures where staff is working manually. By the same token, they can add some recent shots where their staff is automating the process through machines.

Additionally, images of large scale manufacturing and packaging are another way to show scale or having a huge number of customers.

Use Only Relevant and High-Quality Photos

No matter how impressive the pictures are, they won't add value if they are irrelevant. Not too mention they can confuse your visitors. If you have a website of a business that sells only burgers and sandwiches, adding pictures of smoothies will make the consumers assume that it is also available on the menu.

Or, adding pictures of makeup and accessories to a clothing only store may misinform your audience or muddle your brand. If you are a clothing retailer, use only clothing images of various categories, but make sure these images are high quality. Hire a professional photographer to take custom pictures of your products if you can.

You can also consider stock photos. Most people think they are too common and using them will spoil their brand's identity. However, choosing them wisely from sites that provide images at low costs can provide you with unique and high-quality resources. Editing them and making the pictures more adaptable to your branding strategy is also possible.

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