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Author and Holistic Spiritual Practitioner based in Los Angeles, CA. Her clients range from high-profile coaches to celebrities and energy workers.


Website Development, eComm, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing (PPC) Campaigns, Social Media Management, Graphics


Katherine Bird



Katherine Bird is a Yogi, Thought Leader, Healer and Shaman for Life Coaches and Spiritual Practitioners. I assisted in elevating her brand reach by creating a global story and cohesive branding with a modern approach.

We worked with Katherine to get her website and social accounts up to speed using content marketing strategy, creative and PPC campaigns. We used insights and reporting to measure the results and to understand who her customers are to better reach her marketing goals.

Full Project Scope

Website Development
eCommerce enabled, build-out
Affiliates Program
Landing Pages
Branding, Social Media, Digital Marketing
Instagram Management, Marketing
Facebook Page Management
YouTube Channel Management, Optimization
Electronic Press Kit
Content Marketing
Pinterest Marketing
Facebook Ads
Google Adwords

The Results

  • Within 3 months Katherine went from an 89% bounce rate to a 30% bounce rate on her website

  • Increased her class sign-ups from 6 to 28

  • Grew her Facebook followers to over 1,000

  • She has full control of her website and is steadily growing her practice and her brand while doing what she loves.

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