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[CASE STUDY] How Kixies Thigh Highs Increased Sales Revenue by 117% in 4 Months

Kixies launched in 2014 as a women's thigh high collection. The collection features numerous styles for every size, from petite to plus. We were hired in September 2020 to assist with sales and marketing strategies for the holiday season.

Kixies already had a large, engaged audience but we were interested in targeting the audience of users who were not already connected on Facebook or Instagram. We created a content marketing strategy with blogs targeting the ideal Kixies customer and utilized Google Ads to reach further during the holiday selling season. 


1. The website identity for Kixies was lacking in overall brand strength. It needed a facelift to attract and retain new customers.

2. Reaching customers outside of Facebook or Instagram who were not connected to Kixies needed to be addressed.

3. Sales were steady but slow on the retail side.


1. We redesigned the website and added sophisticated social proof (reviews) and lead gen apps to encourage more sales and signups.

2. We deployed a strategic SEO and content marketing plan with the Kixies Blog using data-driven topics around the Kixies customer, resulting in over 6,400 organic traffic.

3. We built robust Google Ads campaigns for Search that increased targeted website traffic and conversions to the Kixies website

Sales +117%

Sessions +182%

Orders +73%

Avg. Order Value +20%

Newsletter Subs +1,000
Search Traffic  +275%



Website Re-Design, Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Content Marketing,

PPC Campaigns


Kix'ies Thigh Highs




The utilization of SEO, content marketing strategy, social media creatives, and increased brand awareness through Google Ads led to record-breaking sales for Kixies during the holiday season and continues to move upward into 2021.

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