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Wyntec partnered with us to assist in the launch A2B Data™ a new ETL tool in data migration. 


Website Design, Creative, GTM Strategy, Social Media





We wanted to connect with our end-users from a point of view that was an authority on big data migration, professional, while employing native content and a “real” personal connection.

We worked together to create a social media strategy that would include rich content and social media assets to attract targeted customers, create engagement and brand awareness in the Big Data space.

Case Study

We assisted Wyntec / A2B Data™, with marketing efforts for B2B partnerships. We created targeted content marketing assets by using inbound marketing, blog articles, white papers, infographics, videos, and live presentations to spotlight A2B Data™. The results of the campaign generated a worldwide partnership with Dun & Bradstreet.

Scope of Work

New website design, landing pages with A/B testing, social media presence (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), SEO-optimized blog content, white papers, graphics, promo videos, engaging social content, influencer outreach as well as targeted Facebook and Twitter ads.

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