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Take ownership of your brand

Take ownership of your brand

If you're not branding yourself, others will do it for you.

Branding isn't just a logo, or a product. It's what people say about you when you're not around.

We're here to help build your brand, convey a consistent message across all social media platforms and create a positive story.



We are a full scale media and branding agency. We work with you on all aspects of your brand and social media strategy to build a compelling story aimed to grow your audience, create memorable experiences, visibility, engagement and traffic.


  • Traditional Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Short, native content videos

  • Website design, development, ecommerce

  • Product design and development for companies and social media influencers. Influencer? Read More

  • Promo videos, explainer videos

  • Print ads layout, branding, white papers, etc.

  • SEM: Paid advertising using Google Adwords Campaigns and/or Facebook Ads, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram ad campaigns.

  • Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, website analysis and metrics

  • Global branding across all social platforms

  • Social audits

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Content Development, Copywriting, SEO-rich blog posts

  • Marketing Materials, Packaging

  • Influencer Outreach, PR and working with social and media influencers to boost brand visibility.

  • Social Monitoring across various platforms to identify trends and opportunities.

  • Brand Strategy Consulting and Brand Architecture: we can build brands and products from scratch or help you build a strategy best suited for your brand




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Prospect Denim


Project: Prospect Denim Brand and Website launch

Services Provided: Fashion Design, Development, Branding, Website Art Direction for an Award-winning website in collaboration with Media Boom.

The Goal: Create brand awareness with a memorable web presence that truly spoke the language of the brand

Summary:  Prospect Denim was a new premium denim company in 2007 for men and women. In 2007, I and our team created the concept, branding and style for the award-winning website for Prospect Denim and Media Boom put it together. We wanted the website to reflect the brand image as a Made in the USA, ‘grown and sewn’ denim brand with authentic vintage washes and finishes. Prospect Denim became a very rich experience that highlighted the product while entertaining the user. The music and sound design helped bring everything to life. In 2008, Prospect Denim won an FWA Award. The FWA award gave Prospect Denim worldwide recognition as a stand-out brand not only in the digital space but in the apparel industry as well.

It was one of the first of it’s kind to win the Pixel Award for fashion and the FWA. The launch of the website created worldwide brand awareness on a massive scale and garnered over 10,000 hits per day and numerous write-ups.

A2B Data by Wyntec

Wyntec & A2B Data™

Project: Assisting Wyntec in launching their software product, A2B Data™ and building Wyntec & A2B Data™ website(s).

Date:  March 2016 – May 2016, Present

Budget: $9,000+

Services Provided: Social Media Strategy, Website Design x2, Social Ad Creatives, Videos, Global Branding, Graphics/Sales Aids

The Goal: To build brand recognition, product awareness that converts to sales and partnerships with key industry technologies; Position Wyntec as an industry influencer and content publisher for innovative Big Data technology.

Our Strategy: Wyntec partnered with me to launch A2B Data™ the new tool in data migration. As a deep tech product, we wanted to connect with our end users from a point of view that was an authority on big data migration, professional, while employing native content and a “real” person connection. We did this by including members of the company and “Super Data Girl” on A2B Data’s Twitter account. We worked together to create a social media strategy that would include rich content and social media assets to attract customers, create engagement and brand awareness in the Big Data space. Assets included: SEO-optimized blog content, white papers, graphics, promo videos, engaging social content, influencer outreach as well as Twitter ads targeted directly at our audience. As Creative Director, I assisted in building clean, optimized websites through WordPress to host their content and promote their product.

Summary: Through our work as a team with rich content and strong SEO, we have positioned A2B ™ Data as a key player for fast data migration. We have also created valuable assets for sales aids and opened the doors for future products and partnerships with Hortonworks and Hadoop.

Website(s):  &


Carmichael & Co. Bicycle Accessories

Carmichael & Co

Project: Carmichael & Co. Bicycle Bags

Date: 2012-2015

Budget: $750

Scope of Project: Design, Creative Direction, Product Development, Ad Creatives, Social Media Strategy, Crowdfunding Campaign Management, PR

The Goal: To produce a product that was market-ready, launch on Kickstarter to fund the project and build brand recognition

Summary: The Carmichael bike bags collection was designed and prototyped in 2012. The collection was launched in three separate phases from 2012 to 2015. As a result of utilizing the Kickstarter platform and fine-tuning the product design and development, I created an on-trend product with creative assets to support it. The 3 projects were a Kickstarter success and I was able to secure press from Fast Company and write-ups from blogs within the bike and sports industry such as Velojoy. All three projects were successfully funded on Kickstarter and raised over $22,600 for production, with the third project being a featured Staff Pick on Kickstarter.

Visit website:

Connecticut Trailers & Powersports

Local Dealer: Social Media, Marketing

We handle all of the social media marketing strategies, management, print ads, creatives and Facebook Ads for Connecticut Trailers and Powersports, located in Bolton, CT. This local company has been in business for over 21 years and the need to propel it's brand into the social media space was a smart move. They now dominate social media as one of the top performers in their industry.

Video Ads Convert! Mastering the art of video creatives on Facebook is the #1 service a company can offer you. Organic, viral traffic keeps your spend to zero while giving your brand maximum exposure.

Video Ads Convert! Mastering the art of video creatives on Facebook is the #1 service a company can offer you. Organic, viral traffic keeps your spend to zero while giving your brand maximum exposure.

Bolton Motors

Short commercial, ultra low budget; social media content for Bolton Motors Automotive Repair Shop in Bolton, CT. Created for Facebook

Travel Website, Earth Goddess Rising

Earth Goddess Rising: Women’s tours, travel and yoga retreats

Project: Earth Goddess Rising website, marketing, PR, social media mgmt.

Dates: Dec. 2014-Aug. 2015, Oct. 2015-Dec. 2016

Budget: $16,000

The Goal: To bring Earth Goddess Rising (EGR) events into the forefront of women’s solo and group travel, create brand awareness, assist in creating and promoting the experiential wellness retreats that EGR provides, grow following across social platforms. to convert followers to signups and travel bookings.

Scope of Project, Services Provided: Website design and development, logo design, global branding across all social media platforms, print and ad design, PR Outreach, Facebook advertising campaigns, event & ticketing creation through Eventbrite, Newsletter campaigns through MailChimp, Instagram promotion and social media management (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest), negotiations on collabs with Fabletics, outreach for sponsors and vendors.

Summary: Secured editorial in Shape Magazine (#4 top women’s wellness retreat), Editorial in Yoganonymous (Weekend Picks), Grew EGR Facebook following and engagement by 1,000%, successfully launched a women’s international travel company with a strong following and sold out events.

Berry Jane™


Berry Jane USA

Project: Berry Jane originally launched in 2009 as a leggings brand for girls and relaunched in 2014 as a fun Yoga and Athleisure collection for Girls thru Tween.

Date(s): 2009-2010, 2014-2016

Scope of Project: Market analysis, fashion-forward re-brand with a fresh new logo, created entire collection, print design, production, ad creatives for Facebook, Instagram promotions, giveaways, global branding across all social platforms, ecommerce website using Shopify

The Goal: Attract a new audience in the yoga and activewear market, build brand awareness and increase growth for B2B sales

Strategy Summary: The strategies employed in the initial 2009 – 2010 launch included global branding and presence across social platforms Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. A traditional B2B sales structure approach was executed and the line was placed with sales showrooms throughout the USA. PR and blogger outreach was used to build brand awareness, while editorial and celebrity product placement enhanced the brands reach and value. An ecommerce site was enabled, increasing sales slightly on a B2C level, however, it was the B2B sales model that initially won the hearts of girls and store buyers all over the USA including Charming Charlie Stores.

The strategies employed in 2014-2016 resulted in social media growth with a 275% increase in social following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and a strong brand presence worldwide. The utilization of blogger outreach, SEO, social media ad creatives, giveaways, relevant styles and brand awareness through Facebook advertising led to B2B sales in UK exceeding $57,000 in the first 6 months. Berry Jane was well-received from the media, boutiques and major retail stores worldwide. The brand also secured PR, Editorial and celebrity product placement.

Berry Jane @Facebook
Berry Jane @Instagram

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