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9 Creative Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

Holiday sales are essential for many small businesses, and effective marketing methods can go a long way for small businesses on a budget. Holiday sales campaigns are also a great way to turn one-time consumers into repeat customers who will stick around long after the holidays are past.

Pro Tip: Most people are shopping for loved ones, so keep that in mind for your marketing campaigns.

The Holidays are a difficult time to stand out among the millions of other businesses promoting holiday discounts, especially if your marketing budget is tight, you're a new business, and/or your SEO is lacking. Low organic traffic due to poor SEO can mean you'll have to spend more money on Google Ads or other PPC advertising to be seen.

Fortunately, a huge influence doesn't always require a big investment. Check out these 9 holiday marketing ideas to boost sales.

When Should You Start Your Holiday Marketing?